Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What the hell is happening to advertising?

Is it just me or has the marketing industry and in particular, the advertisements, gone bananas?

It almost seems like the ads on TV need to be rated before they air –
M for Moron, I for Incomprehensible and SS for Stupendously Stupid.
It is truly amazing and amusing.

It is not all of the ads but most of them leave me guessing as to what the message of the ad and what the product actually is.

I may not be a marketing expert but it seems to me that the whole point of advertising is to bring awareness to the uninformed and to convince them that they need to get or use the product.
Well half the time, the ads are offensive and the other half they appeal to some moronic level of intelligence which I refuse to believe, even exists.

Maybe it does.
Maybe the level of the intelligence has gone to the dogs (and yet dogs are intelligent) and the stupid, moronic human shown in ads appeals to the same in our population. Since the bottom line and desired outcome of the ad is to increase sales, I guess, the ad companies are appealing to an intellectually challenged population who like to see shreds of paper on a bear’s behind or men sitting and panting like dogs and being made to be ignorant and stupid.

Of course, the truth does not matter. As said on the X Files – “...........The truth is out there".
Nobody really tells the truth where consumables are concerned. They just want you to spend your hard earned money. After all the whole point is to make money and tuth, does not make money.
It is the illusion of the implied, the true meaning of which is unknown, even to the marketers themselves.

What is the world becoming?

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