Friday, October 11, 2013

Let Us Trash Those Bad Ads

Hello fellow ad followers:
I am sorry I have not posted any new blogs on ads that need to be trashed.

You see a few months ago, I cancelled cable and have no access to television anymore. This really is a blessing in disguise.

Firstly I now have more time to write, read and lead a normal creative  and more fulfilling life.
Secondly, I am not subject to the constant bombardment of the media telling me what I need to have i.e.  products to extend my lashes without clumps, kissable lipstick which lasts hours, cars which are almost human,the latest electronic gismo or that particular aftershave or perfume which will make people take their clothes offfor me.
I can decide what I want, when I want and use my own intellect and financial status to determine my real needs to decide what I am going to purchase, rather than being a follower and a puppet on a string controlled by the mass media and their 'trends'.

Thirdly, by watching less TV, I have actually re-discovered who I really am without being told who I should be.
Although there are many who prefer to be led, I think we can and should dance to our own tunes. Ask yourself where you belong.

If you come across ads that you think violate basic human values, are offensive or just plain stupid, feel free to drop me a line and I will look them up so that together, we can ’trash that ad’ to make our world a better saner place.
Eat well, drink well, think good positive thoughts¸ speak good words, and do good things,
Love always,

Monday, January 28, 2013

If You are not Whitening, You are Yellowing - Bogus

Have you seen this Ad from Crest?

Now they resort to plain ol' scare tactics to get you to buy their product.
First it was red wine and coffee, then it was acidic foods, now it is the fear of yellowing. Oh please, come on people!

They simply play on our vulnerabilities and fears and if we did not have those fears or issues. they create them so we can buy, and buy!
How can we fall for this?

Simply brushing with baking soda after each meal will prevent yellowing and decaying but they will not tell you that because they want you to spend your hard earned money to buy their whitening strips.

They had this add over the holidays! 
 Now that the holidays are over, they continue with just another version of instilling fear.

 I think, we can do better.................................................. Let us trash that ad!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cover Girl Ad with Ellen

" Hey wrinkle face".
Is this any way to talk?

The people who wrote this script are obviously not aware that they will, eventually age and wrinkle, or that prune plums are smooth and the in real world babies do not drive or go to bars.

Why would someone like Ellen De Generes even agree to say this?

She has a mother and people who are old in her life.
Would she talk to them in this manner? How dare she talk to other people with wrinkles in this way! This is no way for stars or people to behave - comparing human beings to apricots (which incidentally are smooth, just a little furry) and prunes (prune plums are extremely smooth)? She goes on to say may like these fruits but she does not want to look like them while trashing people who looked like them (I think she meant dried versions of them).

Please Ellen, you are better than this (at least I thought so).

You are supposed to be a role model. Please show some respect! Being a Cover Girl requires more than trashing those who do not have perfect skin!
This ad may seem funny to Hollywood, but the not to us the rest of the world. We live in a world of reality - with wrinkles, bars without babies and respect for others.

Trash this Ad.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What the hell is happening to advertising?

Is it just me or has the marketing industry and in particular, the advertisements, gone bananas?

It almost seems like the ads on TV need to be rated before they air –
M for Moron, I for Incomprehensible and SS for Stupendously Stupid.
It is truly amazing and amusing.

It is not all of the ads but most of them leave me guessing as to what the message of the ad and what the product actually is.

I may not be a marketing expert but it seems to me that the whole point of advertising is to bring awareness to the uninformed and to convince them that they need to get or use the product.
Well half the time, the ads are offensive and the other half they appeal to some moronic level of intelligence which I refuse to believe, even exists.

Maybe it does.
Maybe the level of the intelligence has gone to the dogs (and yet dogs are intelligent) and the stupid, moronic human shown in ads appeals to the same in our population. Since the bottom line and desired outcome of the ad is to increase sales, I guess, the ad companies are appealing to an intellectually challenged population who like to see shreds of paper on a bear’s behind or men sitting and panting like dogs and being made to be ignorant and stupid.

Of course, the truth does not matter. As said on the X Files – “...........The truth is out there".
Nobody really tells the truth where consumables are concerned. They just want you to spend your hard earned money. After all the whole point is to make money and tuth, does not make money.
It is the illusion of the implied, the true meaning of which is unknown, even to the marketers themselves.

What is the world becoming?