Monday, January 28, 2013

If You are not Whitening, You are Yellowing - Bogus

Have you seen this Ad from Crest?

Now they resort to plain ol' scare tactics to get you to buy their product.
First it was red wine and coffee, then it was acidic foods, now it is the fear of yellowing. Oh please, come on people!

They simply play on our vulnerabilities and fears and if we did not have those fears or issues. they create them so we can buy, and buy!
How can we fall for this?

Simply brushing with baking soda after each meal will prevent yellowing and decaying but they will not tell you that because they want you to spend your hard earned money to buy their whitening strips.

They had this add over the holidays! 
 Now that the holidays are over, they continue with just another version of instilling fear.

 I think, we can do better.................................................. Let us trash that ad!