Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cover Girl Ad with Ellen

" Hey wrinkle face".
Is this any way to talk?

The people who wrote this script are obviously not aware that they will, eventually age and wrinkle, or that prune plums are smooth and the in real world babies do not drive or go to bars.

Why would someone like Ellen De Generes even agree to say this?

She has a mother and people who are old in her life.
Would she talk to them in this manner? How dare she talk to other people with wrinkles in this way! This is no way for stars or people to behave - comparing human beings to apricots (which incidentally are smooth, just a little furry) and prunes (prune plums are extremely smooth)? She goes on to say may like these fruits but she does not want to look like them while trashing people who looked like them (I think she meant dried versions of them).

Please Ellen, you are better than this (at least I thought so).

You are supposed to be a role model. Please show some respect! Being a Cover Girl requires more than trashing those who do not have perfect skin!
This ad may seem funny to Hollywood, but the not to us the rest of the world. We live in a world of reality - with wrinkles, bars without babies and respect for others.

Trash this Ad.

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